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As an imaginative water sign, you're often full of grand ideas. However, too often you reject the road to satisfaction out of fear that it will disrupt your sense of security. Don't forget that you're allowed to life live outside of the box or, the shell once in a while. You're brimming with creativity on Tuesday, September 10 when the sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Push through the feelings of imposter syndrome and let yourself expand both professionally and personally.

Cancer Love Horoscope – Cancer Relationship Predictions

If you want to paint, invent an app, or even enter a relationship that doesn't look like what your family would approve of, use the full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on Friday, September Express yourself through art or sex to remind yourself of your talents and boost that self-esteem. It's important that you take time to do the things you love, because when both Mars and Venus enter Libra the sign of balance and partnerships on Friday, September 14 , emotional labor will be on your mind.

You're naturally encouraged to protect those you love, dear crab, but who is taking care of you? On Wednesday, September 18 , Saturn ends its retrograde and goes direct in professional Capricorn. This transit lights up your seventh house of partnerships, asking you to look at the scales in your personal and professional relationships and ask if you're giving more than others. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility.

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Scorpio, on the other hand, is "a little too intense" for Cancerians. However, they might make for a hot match in the short-term, and their different natures mean that BDSM might be fun with Scorpio as the dominant partner, of course.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cancer

Cancer and Cancer compatibility. Cancer and Taurus compatibility. In fact, Cancerians are a better fit with the earth signs , which ground their watery nature.

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility. Practical Capricorn is another good match. These signs are opposites on the zodiac, however, sometimes, opposites attract. Capricorns make Cancerians feel secure, while Cancerians make Capricorns feel nurtured. Cancer and Virgo compatibility.

Cancer Mid September 2019: New Love ❤ Old Love, Who Will It Be Cancer?

Virgo is not as quite a strong a match as Capricorn or Taurus, because Virgo's analytical nature can get on Cancerians' nerves. However, they can still make it work.

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  8. Cancer and Libra compatibility. The air signs are generally not the easiest partner for Cancerians. Libras can be a hot but challenging match. Both signs are romantic, so they could make for a good fling. However, Libras tend to be social butterflies, which means they're not always the best fit for homebody Cancerians. When you fall in love, you fall deeply and you will surround your lover with the full force of your feelings.

    You are a sensitive, sensual and imaginative lover, with a strong sense of intuition.

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    However, this protection comes at a price, and the price is tolerance for your moodiness, changeability and somewhat touchy nature. High up on your compatibility list will be someone who can shrug off your slightly cruel tongue during the bad times, being able to appreciate the underlying softness which is always at the core of the Cancer heart. Cancer is considered the mother of the zodiac, or the homemaker if you think of mythological archetypes, and family ties are extremely important to you. The toughest problem for Cancer compatibility with other signs , however, is your need to smother your partner with love.

    How can that be a bad thing? Well, it can be suffocating at times. Because you always imagine the worst, you like to keep your lover on a tight rein, and minor niggles can quickly become major issues. For this reason, your star sign compatibility depends upon finding a partner whose independence can handle your clinginess.