Cancer january 13 weekly horoscope

Cry when the water hits your eyes. Laugh when you can. Practice letting all manner of emotions be expressed. Repress none of them. Love all of them.

Use sleep as a cure for most problems and take what your dreams prescribe you. Who feeds you. Who knows your needs. Who helps you to help yourself. The entire week creates a situation where you might feel extraordinarily sensitive towards the needs of others. There may be all manner of psychic connections occurring. There may be much heart-healing happening. There may be ideal relationship scenarios at your service. Friends might also be in need of your emotional labour, however. Thursday is host to all kinds of emotionally charged interactions.

Some will be soothing while others may be unintentionally sucking on your energy. We are not guaranteed success. We are not guaranteed fame. We are not granted good fortune just because we work hard at what we love. Hard work helps immensely, no question. But when necessary, we must also cultivate the kind of cunning wisdom needed to beat the systems that seek to keep us in our place. The systems hellbent on keeping our seat at the table from us. We have to take chance after chance on ourselves. We have to bust down boundary after blockade after glass ceiling.

We have to build our own table and sit queenly at it, inviting all the royalty we know to sit with us.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Things Are About to Get a Little Intense

It makes the most out of your efforts here. It maximizes all the work that you have done. Make your projects as near perfect as you can. Make your people proud of what you have been able to put out into the world. While some things might be up for healing here, others will be in need of a change, renovation or complete overhaul. Work as diligently inside as you do out there. Much of the week might be devoted to who or what you are devoted to. There is a definite romantic signature in your chart this week. It might grant you the personal permission needed to let go, let loose and let your heart find a little freedom with its feelings.

It certainly helps to dissolve grudges, soothe a heart ache or heal a bruised feeling. It definitely gives you the inspiration to create something of meaning and beauty out of your feelings and your intuitions. It is also inventive and dynamic. Unfortunately, this week may has the propensity to carry that theme forward. Happening in your 9th house of quests, pilgrimages and long-term strategies, the full moon stirs in you a longing to dedicate yourself to something with great meaning.

Weekly Horoscopes | Jessica Adams

It highlights the developments that you have made in both your ability to connect with what gives you purpose in your life and your ability to stay the course with it. All spiritual practices require a dedication to the process of our lives. Seek ways to nurture your dedication and to move towards what feels the most soulful and inspiring for you.

The week is heavily focused on your ability to bring the talents that you possess to the folks that can help you make the most of them. You are being asked to take your wares to the market and see what magic beans you might trade them in for. Try not to bank on any one deal coming through. Diversify your portfolio. These markets are too risky to act with too much certainty. That said, do be on the look out for fortunate mishaps and unexpected solutions.

The best bets to be found are the ones that involve the support of others. Ask your crew for tips, tricks and introductions. It could help you to bring in funding or find a way to recreate a business proposal. Remain open to ways in which you can diversify your partnerships without watering down the potency of a project. Attention is a funny thing. Whether good or bad it requires that we develop the ability to hold it all in perspective. Whether we achieve something spectacularly awe-inspiring or we encounter something difficult and jarring that garners attention, folks have a way of projecting their reality onto ours.

All out admiration.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

We react to each other from the places we inhabit. This week you might meet all manner of attention.

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Surprising situations. Deserved devotion. Unearned veneration.


The astrology of the week is disruptive. Sometimes this kind of energy can be helpful in terms of our ability to make breakthroughs. Sometimes this kind of energy can be jarring in terms of its tendency to shake up our lives.

The astrology will land in your life as you need it to. But it will land with you in a personal way that is more than likely going to have others see another aspect of you. Take note of the reactions you receive from others. Take note of how you react to their reactions. All relationships might be a little extra at the moment. Extra sensitive. Extra potent.

Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

This week, shared interests with friends will be exceptionally rewarding. If you're single, you don't feel that you're missing out and the loneliness you sometimes suffer from is gone. It's a lovely time to appreciate those around you. Use your charm at work to help you make progress. You're coming across now as likeable, competent and trustworthy, so job interviews should go well. Relationships with colleagues are improved too, and your boss may be eating out of your hand. You're hankering after something new and different this week - something a little bit exotic, perhaps.

Try new cuisines, visit new places, strike up new friendships with people from very different backgrounds to your own.


There's a big wide world out there. The Aries Full Moon brings out the best in you - your leadership, bravery and boldness are all on display. Unfortunately, however, so is your selfishness and your impatience. Focus on your better qualities and keep the others in check! The Full Moon brings a spiritual revelation or awakening, which could be quite a shock.

Take this event and run with it, however. There's a great deal more for you to discover, and your talents in this area are growing. A group project of some kind is about to come to a successful conclusion - but this is no time to rest on your laurels. Drive your team or your group of friends forwards.

There is more you can achieve here.